Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

A shortlist of the best Joe Rogan podcasts, in my opinion. Although this will reflect my personal taste, I’ve tried to include some variety to reflect the wide range of topics discussed on the show.

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The podcast often features fascinating, very insightful guests; from scientists, authors and astronauts to fighters, comedians and musicians.

I became a fan of this podcast based on the shear honesty of the discussion – I’d never heard anyone talk so openly about life; about things like spirituality, psychadelics, drug-legalisation or political corruption. Even about things like healthy-living (exercise, foods, supplements, nootropics etc.) most of this was quite new to me.

Having the abilty to tune in to an honest discussion like this really helped me to learn things about the world a lot quicker than I would have otherwise. About things like relationships, jobs, space, history… Even some of the dirty things in life that your mum don’t tell you…

Joe has so many different guests on the show that you really can learn about almost anything depending on which episodes you watch.

Anyway, here’s my top 5. Enjoy.

1.) JRE #142 – Graham Hancock, Duncan Trussell

This was the first episode to get me hooked on the Joe Rogan Experience – so, for me, it was the obvious #1.

In this episode, Graham describes: his career; his experience with the entheogenic brew, Ayahuasca; his research in ancient history and evidence for the use of psychadelics throughout history. Plus much more. Although Duncan does not contribute a great deal to this podcast I think he adds a lot to the chemistry, I’d encourage people to check out other episodes with Duncan to hear more about his story and his philosophies.

Graham’s research is fascinating and the way he describes his journey of self-discovery and self-development through Ayahuasca is completely humbling. He describes the life-changing benefits of the drug and explains how it could change the world if people were properly educated on its effects – how it could eradicate the need for a number of prevelant pharmaceutical drugs.

Although Graham advocates the use of certain psychadelics he reiterates the negative consequences if such drugs are taken irresponsibly.

Graham has encountered a lot of resistance from the scientific community because of his research in Ancient History which counter-acts mainstream scientific beliefs.

Graham’s views on drugs like Ayahuasca and cannabis have also got him in to trouble – for example, his TED Talk “The War On Consciousness” (in which Graham describes his experience with Ayahuasca) was censored by TED.

You can watch that video here –

Graham is very interesting to listen to and I believe he has a very important message.

This podcast opened my eyes to a lot of things and is definitely worth watching.

2.) JRE #108 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban

And now to completely refute everything I just said about using drugs responsibly.

I introduce;

Joey “Coco” Diaz (Not for the feint-hearted)

Although he is often stoned-out of his mind, Joey is much smarter than you may think.

Joey is street-smart. Joey’s old school. Joey’s a fucking gangsta.

Not one of you cocksuckers would last a motherfucking minute in Mad Flavor’s world!

All you fucking fairies with your internet and your video games.

Not one of you people know what it’s like to snort coke off a chick’s ass then wake up with 3 holes in your dick.

That’s about the best I can do.

Joey is like a crazy uncle to a lot of JRE listeners. Someone who’d tell you everything your parents wouldn’t. He’d tell you about all the dirty things in life.

The only thing I will say about Joey is that he’s done some pretty shady stuff and been through some really rough times but he’s always managed to get through it. And he’s always been able to see the funny side.

He seems to have learned all of his lessons and every day he’s becoming a better person, and sharing that through his stand-up comedy and his podcast.


What is this? A fuckin sop story.

D’you think I’ve got fucking cancer?

I’ve been reborn or some shit.

Stop licking my ass and show them the video, fucko.

3.) JRE #725 – Graham Hancock & Randall Carson

This podcast is a 3-hour history lesson – a groundbreaking presentation on history, evolution, archaeology and much, much more. This is widely regarded as one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts, certainly one of the more educational.

Based on a lot of their own research, Graham and Randall explain the evidence for a cataclysmic flood that happened between 11,600 and 12,800 years ago (ending the Ice Age). It is likely that this is the same flood which is cited in thousands of historical texts. “The great flood” as it is called in The Bible.

They explain how a comet hit the earth, causing the glaciers to melt – resulting in a disaster that changed the face of the planet and altered the path of human evolution.

They discuss some obvious consequences; like how the flood resulted in the mass extinction of species. While Graham details some other conclusions; like the likelihood of previous civilisations that were wiped out by this global catastrophe. And the likelihood that there have been hundreds of cataclysms like this one.

Initially, this research received a lot of backlash from the scientific community. But Graham explains how “things are shifting in the world” – people are waking up and starting to believe the evidence rather than simply going with public opinion.

“The story of history as we have been taught does not make sense. This new information does make sense.”

He points out that it’s foolish to assume we know everything about history, and arrogant to deny that we could have been wrong about something.

The podcast ends with a conversation about psychedelics and the war on drugs;

Graham Hancock – “It’s not about getting high. It’s about respecting the right of adults to make decisions about their own bodies, their own health and their own consciousness. That is a fundamental human right… And that’s exactly what’s being taken away from us by the war on drugs.”

4.) JRE #822 – Chael Sonnen

Chael is a Mixed Martial Artist and commentator, possibly the best trash-talker in the history of the sport and one of the best guests on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Chael has challenged for the UFC title 3 times. On Jan 21st, 2017 he is returning to the sport to face former-champ, Tito Ortiz, at Bellator 170.

What I like about this show is how brutally honest Chael is, no matter what he is talking about. He seems to know everything about the fight business, the sports business and almost every business.

There’s no real agenda in this podcast to the change the world or inspire people it is just very interesting, entertaining and quite casual – which makes it very good easy-listening.

Joe and Chael have a number of similar interests (mostly; martial arts, entertainment and broadcasting) so it’s interesting to hear the conversations on those topics. But they are both intuitive guys who are unafraid to speak the truth – so everything they talk about is interesting to some degree.

I could have included Chael’s 2013 appearance on JRE instead of this one. That was his first appearance on the podcast – it was the first time I’d heard someone talk so openly about the use of steroids in MMA, it was also interesting to hear his struggles as a fighter and the secrets to his trashtalking.

Since then, Chael has went on to become one of the best reporters/analysts in MMA and now hosts his own podcast – You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen. This episode is Chael’s return to The Joe Rogan Experience. And I think it’s even better than his debut.

In this episode, it’s interesting to hear their views on everything from MMA, grappling, steroids and boner pills to Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.


5.) JRE #599 – Shane Smith

Co-founder and CEO of VICE Media, Shane Smith has been a great guest on the Joe Rogan Experience for a number of years now. Shane is brutally honest and seemingly fearless to address the most important issues (especially for a journalist).

The reason I chose this episode is because both Joe and Shane get pretty drunk and open up about the unique situation they are in – of being two ordinary guys at the forefront of online-media. Two ordinary guys who’ve become pioneers in the world of journalism and podcasting.

Although I picked this one – every episode with Shane is interesting. He is so well-informed on almost every aspect of world-news and current-affairs, this makes him a fantastic guest for this podcast. Shane also interacts very well with Joe, this makes it easier for them to get right to the heart of the topics they want to discuss. Resulting in some really powerful moments which will make you question a lot of what you have been taught.

What Shane has achieved with VICE is amazing – growing it from a small magazine to a multi-millionaire company. VICE have always been known as an unbiased form of media and as a great source for breaking news on controversial and high-profile stories such as the emergence of Isis and the outbreak of Ebola.

A great episode with a great guest and a great ending.

Shane Smith – “Savage world traveller”

Honorable Mentions

It’s pretty hard to choose just 5 episodes from almost 900. So here’s a few more.

JRE #170 – Michael Ruppert

This, to me, is what The Joe Rogan Experience is all about!

Conspiracy theories. Corruption. The truth they don’t want you to hear!

Michael Ruppert and Joe Rogan delve in to some of the biggest problems we face in the world today. Michael unravels some of the darkest truths about the U.S government, giving everyone a fascinating insight to “the evil of the beast”.

This is one of the deepest, most shocking episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, in my opinion.

Michael Ruppert was an investigative journalist – most famous for his documentary film Collapse and for his book Crossing the Rubicon.

Michael done a tremendous amount of research in to the 9/11 attacks. In his book and in this podcast he details some of his theories – including his statement that, former Vice President Dick Cheney was the mastermind behind the attacks.

This is a very interesting and hugely controversial episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that is well worth a watch.

  • “Fascism has become much more sophisticated”
  • “Human industrial civilisation is collapsing”
  • “This is a government of the banks by the banks and for the banks”

There’s a few quotes from Michael to give you an idea of what the podcast is about. Of course that does this almost-3-hour episode no justic at all. You must watch it to see what I mean.


Unfortunately, Michael ended his own life in 2014.

JRE #356 – Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy is a former mixed martial artist who competed in the middleweight division of the UFC. Since his retirement from the sport he has transitioned in to commentary, punditry and presenting for the UFC. He has also hinted at a possible comeback to fighting if he can pass the relevant medicals.

In this episode Dan goes in to detail on why he retired from the sport in the first place. Dan and Joe also discuss their experiences with psychedelics; they talk a lot about MMA and the fight business and their views on society.

Dan is a great guest on the Joe Rogan Experience; he is very insightful, very self-aware and honest. A lot of Dan’s thoughts on spirituality, society and psychedelics are very profound and deeply personal.

This is a must-watch episode for any fight fan or anyone interested in the use of psychedelics for self-development.

JRE #670 – Michael A. Wood Jr.

Another podcast which really opened my eyes to the corruption in the U.S police force and around the world. In this episode, Michael highlights some serious issues in our society and explains some of the things we must do to solve these problems.

Michael is a retired Baltimore police officer and veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He recently made the news for publicly speaking out against police brutality and has become a proponent of a new era of policing.

Some of the topics covered in this podcast are hugely important and some of the stories Michael tells about his time in the police force are deeply shocking.

Michael has a very important message. I believe that the sooner we empower people like him then the sooner we will see a postive change in the world.

This is a must-watch episode.



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